Something New – Modern Furniture That Exudes Old World Luxury

November 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

It’s been said a number of times “Modern furniture is very chic, but it’s too cold and antiseptic-looking for my taste.”

I’ve always begged to differ.

Modern furniture is incredibly earthy — beds are slung low to the ground, and cabinets, sofas and hardware placement always follow gorgeous horizontal lines that are reminiscent of the horizon or the line of the ocean when one tries to see as far as the eye can see.

Modern furniture is often eye-poppingly expensive so it is important that one assess them with a studied and careful eye before making a purchase. And realistically, only very few of us can start out with a brand-new modern home such as those that exist in the pages of Dwell Magazine.

Careful observation and thought will allow you to mix modern furniture harmoniously with your existing style home or with your existing decor. Always keep in mind:
(1) scale and proportion (i.e. make sure your choices are in scale/harmonious in size with each other),
(2) materials (i.e. picking materials that effuses the same personality), and
(3). Always Balance!

You can try bedroom furniture line which exudes Italian style with minimum of minimalism and a maximum of luxury materials like the Rossetto furniture line. Try to look for designs that use a mix of materials that allows modern pieces to fit in transitional interiors.

For example, there are case goods that are more organic or feminine than the usual modern case goods, featuring curvaceous oval shilouettes and dark wenge wood veneers, but the materials used make the line a lot more accessible to transitional interior schemes.

A perfect foil to a modern interior is a platform leather bed. Some even have a gorgeous quilted design that is earthy, organic and feminine all at once.

Hankering for a bit of old-world luxury? Still think modern design is too cold and antiseptic? Check out the Rossetto Diamond Black lacquer nightstand with faux crocodile leather and Swarovski crystal insets. You’ll see “modern furniture” in a whole new light.

Here’s the lesson again: Want to incorporate modern furniture elements into your design scheme but are afraid it won’t “match?”

Pay attention to scale, materials and balance and you’ll be able to create rooms and vignettes that express your lifestyle and bring comfort and joy to your home life every day.

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